Hey , who said you can lower my esteem?

I have chosen to Smile at someone who thinks they are superior and so I should throw in the Towel for them to Soar.- Incredible!

Now my friend, look here, I have chosen to say hihihihihihihihi, hahahahahahha, try out a more positive way of getting to the level you visualise.

But also a piece of Advise, ‘you will never get where you want to be if you don’t let your competitors grow.’

OK, am done with you!

Ccome on my friends, when some one tries to cramp you down, just tell them, “Am still young and Marketable”

I cant stop smiling and a curve is being straitened here. Love


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Journalist| Writer|Public Speaker|Mother|Wife|Communications Enthusiast| Albinism advocate

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