Is your partner still keeping his/her past?

Phiona and Stanley in one of the scenes in the play

When Phionah finds out from their family friend Njeri that the Beautiful Lampstand in their house was given to her husband by his ex-girlfriend, she sulks.

Restless, furious, and with red-hot emotions, she cannot wait for Stanley to come back home and explain the genesis of the Lampstand and the motive behind keeping it in their new marital home.

“Where did you get that lampstand? Phionah angrily asks as soon as Stanley walks in.

His eyes tour the four ceiling corners as if to call his memory to attention, he starts stammering, in panic, he is quickly driven into telling a lie.

“Aaaaaa a a a I was one day moving along the streets and then I saw a notice on a notice board notifying the public of this lampstand from an expatriate. Upon reading the notifying notice, I notified the expatriate to get it to me,” Stanley says.

Before he completes his explanations, Phionah loudly interjects, “you think you can lie to me, you think I do not know that you got it from that Faith girlfriend of yours?” This is the beginning of confusion in the family it stirred up a lot more issues the couple had kept quiet about for quite a spell. Soon, Phionah is on the move to discover more about Faith and Stanley’s relationship, and from her discoveries, through reading his mail and stalking him, Stanley is still in touch with Faith.

Imagine what it would mean to you if your partner is still in interaction, deep connection I stress, with his or her ex-who is in real terms your immediate competitor.

For Phionah, it means that she is just a point of convenience and that she does not mean anything to Stanley.

I know many of us agree with her that it really hurts to have someone in your life who still dwell on their past. So then, do we keep away our past as we move on or it doesn’t matter? The answer my friend, is deep in your heart.

Discuss this with your partner and agree on the way forward otherwise, this may be the cause of a breakup, and for the married possibly a divorce.

Phionah and Stanley’s story is depicted in a play called “The History Box” by When Entertainment, Kenya. I watched it just yesterday at the Nairobi National.

It was humorous, informative and educative. It is a MUST WATCH for all people in any kind of relationship. It gives you insights of what it means to uphold TRUST in any relationship.

Big up to the producer, it was a wonderful piece. The casting was perfect! Thanks to the Whole When Entertainment team.


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