The Holy Spirit has done it for me

Welcome Holy Spirit.

If you have been to a place where you are faced with language barrier, you probably know what am talking about. I have been complaining since i started praying from St.Paul’s Catholic University chapel, Nairobi.

How come the choir only sings Swahili songs all through Mass, even when mass is led in English? it has been perplexing my thoughts since I got here. yet i have had no nearer option.

Today, I rejoice high above everything, it has been my turn, I thank the Holy Spirit for breathing into the choir song selectors my concern. Guess what?  Fr preaches so well in English and all the songs are in Swahili, he preaches the coming of the holy Spirit and how he unites us to speak tongues that do not belong to us.

My turn came when during offertory, the choir Started a Luganda song, NAMUGEREKA ATUWA EBIRUNGI, Ayayayyayaya it has been perfectly done with the Ganda drums flowing so well.

Amidst a lost congregation, i raised my voice and sang along, my heart was filled with joy, i did not want the choir to stop, every body turned to look at me, i was so happy, until i realised all eyes were on me, and for fear of being branded insane, i decreased my volume however clapped loudly.

And yah, for me, my pentecost is fulfilled. Thank you dear Holy Spirit for letting this happen to me and for changing my name from STRANGER to being part of you children gathered today to recieve your presence.



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