At the face of MOI AVENUE BLAST in Nairobi

The bombed next to Mt. Kenya University on Moi Avenue, Nairobi on fire

By Gertrude Tumusiime Uwitware

Just a few minutes after 1oclock, am feeling too lazy to go out for lunch. When I finally make up my mind to, I drag my tired body, but first feeling like should ease me.

Shortly before I can enter the ‘Ladies’, a loud noise comes through, I say, Oh! It sounds like a bomb blast and continue my way. In a blink of an eye, there is confusion at the 4th floor of the Nation Media building in Nairobi, People are screaming and running out.

I ask what is happening not before a voice shouts back, “It is a bomb blast, I have just seen the roof jump off,” Commotion, tension and people running for their dear lives. Run, hurry, Jesus, help, numerous voices continuously shout out.

My heart skips, I almost faint as one woman says, “It is in this building,” I choose to believe and then settle for prayer knowing I cannot change much, I ask Jesus to have Mercy on us as I run down the stairs.

Confusion and congestion, the stair ways are hardly aerated, pushed to one end, falling to another, raising and running again, am thinking of removing my shoes but this is too late, am on high heels, the stair cases are too many; I cannot wait for the lift.

Anger has disappeared, I do not even feel like easing myself any more, I am simply running for my life and so are the other colleagues of mine. As soon as am at the exit, victims, covered allover with blood are outside, Nairobi middle centre is in total confusion, shops closing down, a building at Moi Avenue, just behind the Nation Media Centre is on fire.Soot in the sky, crowds, and people tearing and shouting, Security guards also taking off,…hahahahah I thought they do not fear. A building just next to Mt. Kenya University, Nairobi has been bombed.

Numerous injured and some reported dead on the spot. A few Minutes after the blast, police is at the scene, sounds of ambulances and fire brigade cars are hooting amidst a loud crowd. Blood soaked bodies are being rushed to nearest health facilities, tension lessens.

I have never been caught up in the middle of such mayhem, I cannot feel my heart anymore, I have seen people dripping blood, seemingly lifeless bodies, many rushed to Hospital, OMG!

It is alleged that the bomb was planted by the al-Shabbab, however, police says, it was possibly an Electric Outburst. More information comes through, via the Media. God bless Kenya


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