Sisters of Death; What does God think about your Business?

NTV Kenya is currently airing an investigative piece called “Sisters of death.” It is about women who make alcohol mixed with antiretrovirals (ARVs) to make ends meet. The documentary features HIV positive women in Korogosho slums in Kenya, selling the drugs they get for treatment, to other women involved in a liquor making business. They sell Seven tablests for as low as 250 she (about … Continue reading Sisters of Death; What does God think about your Business?

Origin of Kampala’s Beggars

I hustle through shortcuts in Kamwokya slum, before I arrive at Kyebando-Kisalosalo, another slum and wetland. Besides Passover Harvest Church in Kyebando is a huge, filthy trench filled with rotting garbage and stagnant water. Across the trench is a cluster of rows of rooms, the kind low income earners rent. One of the rows, comprising nine rooms, is in an enclosure. The compound is concrete, … Continue reading Origin of Kampala’s Beggars

Gentle woman

  Gentle Woman, quiet light Morning star, so strong and bright Gentle mother, Peaceful dove Teach us wisdom, teach us Love.   Been listening to this song, Gentle woman, a song for mother Mary. I dont know how it came too my minds but for some reason, i kept singing it. So i decided to share it with you. It just made my evening, an … Continue reading Gentle woman

A stroll through kenya’s Kibera slums

Yesterday afternoon, my adventurous self led me to Kibera slums. Kibera is Kenya’s, East Africa’s and one of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest slums. Even as I prepared to visit, I knew it wasn’t a safe place especially for a stranger like me, and more so a foreigner. I tightened my belt, decided to dress casually (a boyfriend top, jeans and boots), carried no bag, crazed my … Continue reading A stroll through kenya’s Kibera slums