Beauty with a rotten heart

Beauty lies in the heart, when its rotten, you are as ugly as physically.

Have you ever met a very stunning woman with a rotten heart?

Wait until you meet one with a perfect face and body but also with the worst manners.

My friend Steve’s girlfriend was very stunning, she had all it takes to be called beautiful but her conduct soon failed the relationship.

Whenever she was annoyed with Him, she would do something to hurt his feeling. There was a time she suspected he was cheating, got his clothes, burnt them and crushed almost everything in the house including his phone, TV, radio and she ran away.

If she could do something like this to his property, I got a feeling her heart was also capable of crushing his own life given the chance.

Well, to majority of the men I have interacted with, once they are impressed with the outside, the cookie crumbles.

“Matters of the heart come later when we get to know each other better, in order to know the heart, you must appreciate the housing first, ” Says Robert Mbaraga.

I have a feeling that although guys under look the beauty of the heart it is the most important of all.

A very man dreams of this woman…

With a wrinkle-free face with charming, well-shaped eyes, a proportional nose, small and humble kissable lips, and a flashy smile.

A body –perfect, with orange-like breasts, a wasp like waist smoothly blending the protruding, potato-like hips and of course matching well-shaped legs.

Those are perhaps the two most considered elements of beauty; the face and the body. If you have them, to majority a man, you are beautiful. Only a few might really consider the beauty of the heart.

However, a famous saying goes, “Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder” so different people will be attracted to someone by different attributes.

That is probably one of the reasons why a man might marry a woman who others may see as ugly. He alone knows the secrets behind her.

I have known of a man who insisted on marrying a deaf-mute, who was also ‘not very beautiful.’ His family worked hard to see them apart but he insisted on the relationship for reasons best known to him.
He always said the girl had the inner beauty he desires in a woman but had never found in any.

Now, my word to the ladies is

You do not need to do magic for someone to fall in love with you – NO. Once the man searches and finds the beauty in you, he will definitely crave for you.

Remember, a gold ring may look beautiful in the fingers of its owner; yet it might not have an implication in the eyes of a by passer.

Try impressing from the heart not with the looks.That’s not to say that you should not take care of you outside, your looks compliment you heart.


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