How about dating online…

Affection through your PC

Carol Nakate 29 (not real names) has been dating Patrick, a US-based Ugandan for the past four years.

Their relationship has been healthy; they often communicate through e-mail, make frequent phone calls, chat via Face book and this keeps the fire blazing.

Interestingly, the two love birds have never physically met.

To Carol’s friends and family, this relationship seems a fake and unreal but she does not give a damn; after all it is her life.

Recently when Patrick came home and as expected, Carol was eager to meet him. To her disenchantment, the man she has committed to for all this long is lame.

Here is the battle, for a girl who minds a man’s looks, that becomes the end of it.
Unfortunately carol is not any different.

“I could not believe my eyes,” she says of Patrick. “This Patrick is not the handsome face I have always seen over the internet,” she adds

Carol feels all this while was this time wasted. Yes Patrick was wealthy but was there a future for them?
In this dot com era, Internet Dating services have been availed, making it easier for people to find partners across the globe. There are merits and demerits involved though.

According to Emma Menya, a relationship councilor, online dating works best for desperate guys and that in many instances it can be tricky.
“If the relationship is geared towards marriage, high chances it might not be fruitful, but for jokers, it may perfectly work,” advises Emma.

Allen Tinda, a student agrees with Emma,
“I think it can work out but for only the desperate, normally one has to search for a long time before they can land on the real person.”

However, Eva Nabawanga, a self-employed lady believes that online dating can lead to a serious relationship. She says it would give her freedom of variety.

“It is fun; I need more time on myself and don’t need a boyfriend around me all the time. He has to miss me,” Eve explains.

Dr Joshua Kawanguzi, Global Medicare centre Kampala thinks it may not be very good to date online especially if it is for a serious relationship headed to marriage.

“Relationships call for so much, character learning and commitment are key among yet they are not easy to achieve online,” says Dr Joshua

He adds that the impression online may not be the real life and when you find out, chances are high that you will get disappointed.

I talked to a few people a few people about whether they would date online or not, and they said…..

Nayiga Carol, secretary

No, I would not because I can’t know the guy am dating, not even his true personality. He might be arrogant, a liar or even married but may not tell me. Such relationships don’t last, by the time you find out, it is so disappointing.

Mac Muga, Journalist
Dating online is the most common thing now days
There is nothing strange in it, as long as one gets to communicate
And know more about each other and till u do match
Then when the right time comes, that is when the two parties can get to meet.

Patrick sekyaya, film maker
No way, online dating is just a joke, more like flirting and not serious at all. I would not dare do it, ooppps,, I guess that me.

M K Asante, professor and author

It depends on the person, if I really like them, would make plans to meet them.

Ainomugisha Lydia, PR specialist
No, I would not, someone would not take you serious. They would think you are just passing time with them.

Tracy Namikisa, Accountant.
Not really, I would not because I believe physical contact with my partner counts, I need to meet him because I do not want to just listen to stories online, they seem so good but u get disappointed when you finally meet.


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