A gold ring in a pig’s snout (Proverbs 11:22)

a gold ring in a pig’s snout

Placing something as precious as a gold ring in a pig’s snout is as useless as dumping it in a ditch.

The reason is simple; the pig will never value it.

Similarly, a beautiful woman who misuses her assets defies the motives of her maker.

For as much as you may have it all, the beauty of the heart, the body and the shape, without attaching any value to it, you are ruined.

Not so many beautiful women really care about what they do with their bodies. In fact to many of us; beauty is a password to attaining our desires.

Trish will sleep with a rich man, not because she loves him, but because she is expecting a car, a house and riches from him. The man will give her all these because she is beautiful and has given him what he wants.

For such reasons, sometimes I get so bitter with God, asking myself why he ever created beautiful women because, the beautiful don’t value their beauty at all, while the ugly really care much to look beautiful.

Sometimes I wish God had been fair enough to give the ugly what he gave to the beautiful instead.

The ugly really do a lot, they invest in makeup, some (especially dark skinned) go on to bleach, others try to dress provocatively to panel bit their beauty.

Yet many times I get disappointed with the ones who have it and do not realise that someone out there is dying to have what themselves don’t value.

If you have seen the girls who parade themselves on the streets for prostitution, you probably get a pinch of what I am talking about. Many of them are extremely fine-looking but here they are wasting their beauty in immorality.

I feel their beauty is not worth wasting, it should probably have been used for doing things better than flesh peddling.

It is a nice thing to be beautiful and proud of it. Pride attaches value to your beauty in that everyone will yearn to have you.

I am not trying to get ladies too proud to greet, the gents may hate me. I am just trying to get the girls respect what God gave them.

Ladies, let us go proud of what we have but let us not get too rebellious because we need the men too.

Gents, when you respect the women you love, you respect her beauty.

Let us go now, value bears it all.


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