If you are pretty and you know ….clap your hands

If a guy ever starts to engage you in a relationship and never mentions that “you are beautiful”, you have all the reasons to doubt his love.

Although some of the expressions that men make are highly intended to impress you, I would rather he said it as mere sweet-talk than not saying it at all.

Since time of memorial, we have known men for determining which woman is beautiful and which one is not, to an extent that some women never feel confident before their men say it.

What is wrong with you Ladies? Why do you wait for a man to actually build your confidence yet the power is in you to do it?

We are living in a world where we are defining our own beauty. You do not need your man to first say that you are pretty so as to be confident. The esteem should be built by none other than you.

A man once told me I am proud because I keep saying I am beautiful. He said I blow my own trumpet but I find it fine because I feel no one should appreciate me before I do.

I work on the way I look and that is why I boost. No one, no one I repeat, no one is ever going to pull it down.

A man can never disrespect you if he knows that you are aware of who you are. In fact, if he knows you are not sure of whom you are, he will do everything, cheat on you, and mistreat you because he thinks you are on his mercy.

Stand up for your beauty, even if you know you have a fat nose that makes you feel uncomfortable, be proud of it because it is unique to you alone-that’s the only way you can get your esteem raised.

Beauty contests are the order of the day, Miss World, Miss Uganda, shows like Extreme Makeover, as well as Magazines featuring the most beautiful people in the world, all trying to answer the question “Who is beautiful?”

I love the women who confidently get involved in these contests; they are women who really feel they have it all, the looks, the brains and the heart.

A true woman is one who is aware and confident of whom she is, she will never suffer inferiority complex.

Thumbs up to the ladies who believe in themselves.


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