My latest Addiction

Of late, I have been going through inner battles. They have been really tight and tiresome.

I agreed with a friend of mine who said, “all battles are breaking but none is as breaking as the one in the heart.”

I have had a rough time understanding what is going on within me. But I thank God for his love for me, he has never permitted me to separate myself from him, even this time he has been on my side.

There is a song that has become my addiction through this tormenting moment, I have literally listened to it through and through and I cannot regret, I know how much it consoles me.

It goes by the title; “Lwazi Lwange” loosely translated as “My rock”  sang by the ANAWIM Uganda, a catholic gospel group.

The Anawim, sing of God as a rock, how to cling on the Lord for help, that all help comes from him.

And for me, I unceasingly sing “God you are my rock, whoever stumbles against you falls,” in that way, I have had him protecting me through this time.



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