Ladies: Why you shouldn’t attack your ‘co-girlfriend’

I have heard it being said that everybody fights with his or her own tool.

A farmer if attacked will fight with a hoe, a doctor will use his injection to fight against an enemy, and a teacher will throw chalk at you or probably whip you.

And behold a scribe will use their pen to nullify a battle.

Let the scribe do this.

Less than 24 hours ago I received a very tough message from my close friend’s girlfriend. She claims I have done her relationship injustice by having feelings for her man and failing to arrest my emotions.

Fair enough, everyone has feelings and emotions, so it’s not an out of this world experience. She threatened how she has she all the necessary information to show that I have a crush on her man, and she could pass it to my boyfriend.  She forgot one thing, that what if her man also has a crush on me?

An unanswered question there!

This has not been the first time such a thing is happening, I have never gotten upset as much because of the manner in which this girl handled this was typical of a trivial woman.

I have not been confronted by a ‘sane’ woman in such a manner; it has only been the insane for as far as I care.

In the deepest of understanding, there has not been any substantial reason why a woman should attack her alleged ‘threat’. You just need to settle your shit between you and your boyfriend.

Attacking your rival only reveals the insecurity surrounding you in your relationship. Hey mama! real and sane ladies once faced with such situations sit their partners and express their grievances.

It should never cross over to the lady rival otherwise it just shows how less a woman you are.

If you always attack your women rivals, it means that you are either gluing yourself to this man or you do not feel good enough for him. There are esteem issues here.

Here are some of the areas you need to check

If your man really loves you, he is willing to listen to you, that in an event that he accepts there is problem, he will apologise.

Men get disgusted with women who have low self-esteem. When you take it to the other level, you make the man seem like he cannot do his roles, basically you make him feel incapable.

If he loves you so much, you don’t need to care about the other women; if they are being the problem then trust for the love you have he can handle everything.

Real women do not stalk their boyfriend’s phones to dig for what they can’t bury again, real women trust their partners whatsoever the fears are and real women do not express how insecure they are.

Trust your man to solve everything.

Views expressed here are not only because am involved in this, as a matter of fact, am trying to help someone handle her relationship.


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8 thoughts on “Ladies: Why you shouldn’t attack your ‘co-girlfriend’”

  1. Ehehehe.. the disclaimer makes it more suspicious.. Nice piece though try reading it after a few hrs and see i guess there is more you could have added..

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