Incredible Inginanti

I thought the first time I write a hearty piece about Ingrid  Nantege of Uganda in fact to be specific, of NTV Uganda, would be at her death.

Well, it has come earlier than expected- Am not praying she dies, but in the event that she does, Ingrid and I agreed to write each other’s obituary.
So whoever goes first.

I have the lines of Ingrid’s Obituary Intro, hence am kind of strained thinking up a punchy intro for this piece.

Oh s**t I have less than 30minutes to do this.

“Ingrid Nantege, phone nunber …….is conversant with Kenya, she will help you out in case you need any help…blah blah blah …”

That was how part of the letter sending me to live in Kenya read.

Of course I would later know who that Nantege is.

Our first meeting at Serena Hotel lounge.

I met a beautiful and smart woman, with unique lips, ( am straight) she held a tin of lip balm in her hands,  replacing a drying layer of balm every other minute.
Outspoken and eloquent, I found her.

Fast forward…………..she picked me from the River Road Airport on a very cold morning, that was so kind of her.

As if that was all, I found myself under the same roof with her – As in this noisy,outspoken, and eloquent woman was gonna be my housie for close to a year – exciting!

I don’t know what to call her, big sis or small sis because since I knew her she has been 18 and she is still making 18 today (thats a nigerian jeer from her) followed by the name ‘Tumi’ short for my name.
I suspect she will say ” But Tumi, are u mad?”

I chose to call her My Girl.

So my girl Nanti makes sure I have food on my table if I dont make sure she has it on hers.

She has introduced me to a couple of good friends and that legacy lives on.

On my first BD outside Uganda, this woman toiled as though it were her wedding day.

I figured out me and her shared a gift of Hospitality. We are People loving people and that marked the beginning of the endless random house parties we organised.

The morning knocks on my door with the phrase ” Trudy we are late” eish! Nanti I love you.

Those moments of brokeness…on this one, what happened in vegas stays there.

The JAN days…OMG.

My Girl Ingi Nanti am so pissed that I am writing the obituary before u die, so let me stop here and think about your Birthday.

It is to that extent that the Date 6th Dec has become part of me, not because you shout alot about it but because to it is tagged a great woman and personal friend.

Your birthday means a lot to me because you mean a lot more to me, without it I wouldn’t have known the person who has known and listened ro all my crap  – you know my bad and my good.

No amounts of words can explain how glad I am to have u in my life, no gift can fully express the treasure u are, no message can say it all, not even the tongue but deep down me you are a pearl, a precious jewel, and above all a glass of milk to me.

I never feel bad when  people interchange our names, it is stuck there in the blood.


May you live to see the Glory of the Lord shining upon your life.

May you live to write my obituary.

God bless you dearly.