My American Tales : The One Billion Dollar Way of the Cross


As we drive out of Illinois to the neighbouring state of Indiana,  it is evident that we are leaving a mostly residential to a farmland dominated state.

Indiana,  I must say is calm and nice a place to be. It is serene too. While we drive through, my host thinks of what I would be interested in seeing here, and pap! She thinks of the One Billion Dollar Way of the Cross.

At the sound of this, I am so intrigued and want to see it, then behold while we close into the place, through the green I can spot a very beautiful and huge church soaring over the vegetation. ‘That is St. John Evangelist Catholic Church” She says

“That is the Church that built a One Billion Dollar Way of the Cross, an Individual donated all that alone” she adds.

I am like “What?”

Yes an Individual did it alone!

This gets me into thinking eh, God should give me such faith, I can only Imagine the blessings that Individual walked away with.

Soon we are at the magnificent church


I cannot marvel enough at the architecture let alone the neatness of this church, so I walk to the way of the cross.

Full life figures in the way of the cross made of bronze.  Fourty of them. This leaves me in awe! The journey snakes through vegetation, something unthought of in an America that has been depicted to the world.

Walking in the footsteps of Christ makes memories of the journey to Calvary real in the minds of a girl who was not there thousands of years ago when Christ walked this way.

The Passion of Christ manifests yet again, in a place you would imagine people do not know God as much.


As I finish the trail, I still think of that Individual who donated 1 Billion Dollars to Build this Way of the Cross. And that’s my Highlight of Indiana, the crossroads of America.


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