Stella Nyanzi only did what we have feared to do

IMG_4956When the First Lady Janet Museveni, in her capacity as education minister called the media to advise parents about among others, not to transport their kids to school on Boda Boda’s, or if they should, not more than two on one bike, no one dared to respond to her unrealistic advice in this Uganda that’s marred with a lot of inequality.

Only one outspoken woman, Stella Nyanzi – who I am actually so proud of to this effect – dared to insert her finger in the anus of the “leopardess.” I salute you Nyanzi

Many, without taking in the crucial points passed judgment over Nyanzi for her response that made rounds on social media as largely vulgar, missing the point therefore.

The filthy – mouthed mother of twins spat rubbish as many who claim to be morally upright perceived it but a few of us ( now dubbed anti government ) wore no gloves, pulled up our sleeves and dug down the filth to find the pearls in Nyanzi’s dossier directed to the ‘Marie Antonette’ of our days.

“But why would a woman as educated as Nyanzi burst out in such unexplainable anger, moreover in a language so demeaning?” I thought to self. After much meditation, I realized she was only being the true Nationalist that this crumbling Nation needed. I am sorry my silence has let my nation down.

Nyanzi the fearless woman who would get up and speak for the girls who have to miss school days because they cannot pad them selves during the bloody days of the month while billions of tax payers money is whisked away in presidential handshakes, not even the innovative youth who could invent re usable pads can be facilitated to do so because the money has other things to do such as make sure the state house has security as big as that of heaven.

Nyanzi an iron lady who no matter the forces she attacked, dared to say that if the First Lady cut on her luxurious spending and that of hers, the hospitals would maybe never run out of medicine. – as we speak now, more than three patients are sharing an oxygen can at Kiruddu hospital, just a few days ago, a friend lost a brother because the oxygen shared with three others run out. Four lives lost. When a member of the first family will be flown out of the country to treat a bout of flue. Is this government really sensitive to the needs of the ordinary Ugandan?

Nyanzi, the vulgar mouthed mother who puts the plight of women dying in labour before that of a First family that rides around with a motorcade of 1000 vehicles while rural mothers die for luck of a bicycle to take them to the nearest health centre located kilometers or even miles away. Just the other day the ministry of health was celebrating a drop in the ocean reduction in the number of mothers dying as told by the Health demographics survey, the truth is mothers still die not because there is no money to fix the reasons they are dying but because the money has concentrated in the hands of a few First citizens.

Deep in Mityana, mothers have to opt for a visually impaired traditional birth attendant because she is nearest to them than the nearest health centre.

With no doubt, Janet Museveni is one meek person I have ever known, reading her book, ‘My life’s Journey’ (assuming she didn’t lie) further confirmed the character I thought her to be. Having gone through the humble beginnings like she narrates them in the said book, Janet Museveni should not be the woman to advise parents the way she did , seemingly unbothered about the fact that majority a Ugandan family lives in the lowly life where for instance Boda Boda transport might be the only option they find, again because teachers are poorly paid so they create early classes to get students pay for an hour before actual school starts and that explains why pupils have to be early to school.

What if there was a better transport system that children had to jump on say a train to rush to school?

One will argue that it’s not Janet’s mandate to fix the dead transport system nor is it her role to work on the ailing health system but come on, then freakin stop calling her the First Lady, mother of the nation and so on, besides, she is not exclusive to this oppressive government – maybe she shouldn’t have joined politics, even as a minister of education, you don’t want students missing school because they are sick and cannot find affordable healthcare.

Maybe mrs Museveni should not have come to speak to us about our children’s safety when in fact she is like the proverbial bible tale of the Pharisees who prayed for the poor but never did something about their poverty.

You sit up there eating bread and come and tell me stop eating cassava for breakfast? Mam, that’s all I have, if you are really bothered that I am eating poorly, give up some of your loaves for me.

I am wailing for my country, My rights are raped by this regime like Nyanzi would say. I am crying for the pearl of Africa that once was.

I do not condone Nyanzi’s vulgar language but I stand with her on the points that matter to me as an ordinary Ugandan. I don’t care what others think of me, for all I know, in my line of work I have travelled this country, spoken to the poorest of people, who cannot even afford a meal a day. On the other side of life I have seen Government officials enjoy a luxurious life oblivious of the dying population.

I have to pull aside while driving for a convoy of uncountable cars carrying just one important person to pass? Really? In a country where we were all created equal? What’s the difference in a country where the president for example gives all he has to the poor?

Tuffa tuggwaawo, who will save Ugandans? The army wont, the opposition has failed because of their unending fights, not even my religious leaders can help because their advice is so humble and full of reconciliation and will be swept under the carpet as soon as they say it.

May be we need more of Stella Nyanzi Characters to join the war, to rid this country of these moles eating it at a slow but steady pace.

If only the media used its tool to hold accountable rather than please the First family, may be things would be better.

I stand up, I will fight for mother land as long as I can, this is a solemn pledge I make, I’m only answerable to God who will ask me what my contribution was to this world.

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion, the views in here are mine,you may choose to agree or disagree.

41 thoughts on “Stella Nyanzi only did what we have feared to do

  1. You my friend, are brilliant. How rampant corruption isn’t the issue here but that language dimwits consider ‘vulgar’ ‘obscene’…baffles me.

  2. Couldn’t have it better,problem is we are cowardly but Stella is truly expextional and brave we can’t stay silent while Museveni destroys our motherland we are such cowards shame on us, we have to make Uganda a remarkable country not to be cowardly ruled for 40yrs by a bunch of idiots

  3. You represent many Ugandans who are suffering. Please write again and again more and more about this

  4. Reblogged this on Rosebell's Blog and commented:
    The intimidation, threats against those Ugandans who dare think outside the box our rulers are comfortable with are real. My friend Uwitware put her thoughts here elaborately on Stella Nyanzi’s campaign for pads and the Minister of Education’s response. Yesterday she was kidnapped and released. I don’t know what state she is now but the violence that has been waged against free thought and freedom of expression in the past is well known. Her employers say she is safe but what is safe after an abduction? Uwitware and others like her need us not to be silent. Silence will not save us.

  5. WHEN A DISEASE IS NOT CURED, THE SYMPTOMS WILL DEFINITELY COME OUT OPENLY,  AND THOSE WHO POINT THEM OUT ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THE ILLNESS. Janet Musevin Stop annoying Ugandan people with your out of touch attitude… “ori bagambireryo”
    Thanks to you Uwitware

  6. I trully go with u on dis ..
    Da first family thinks every parent has a convoy of V8s to take kids …
    Anyway what would we use to transport..


  7. Uwitware; I’m personally proud that u are standing for your beliefs & u can count on my support. “Stand up get up & don’t give up d fight”Bob Merlay reminded us back then!

  8. There we go🙆. If the number of pipo like you add up to Stella, there’s still hope for Uganda

  9. Just reading your blog, i feel more encouraged that Ugandans are waking up to this struggle of saving our motherland from the blood sucking vampires that are rendering it anemic. Thanks for taking the bold step and not sitting back and watch our country rot beyond redemption. i can only do as much as sharing this insightful view for my small audience on social media to push the wave further as i also try to make my voice alito louder…. Naye munaaye, i can’t over shout since i might disappear n since am not well known, it might be for good.
    Thanks for your effort. Thank God you’re safe.

  10. Its so sad that this has caused u trouble. But the truth will set you free, we serve a living God.

  11. Thanks for the insight. People claiming to hold the vision for the country have lost truck. Corrupted by power and selfish interests. We need 1 m Nyanzi s
    in Uganda for a massive social political change

  12. The state our country is in certainly isn’t what any of us should be proud of. We all need to get up and do something. And by “we” I mean citizens, including Janet Museveni. She doesn’t run away from this call to duty – as a citizen. Isn’t this what she says made her leave the comfort as First Lady to come join the struggle? She didn’t join politics to have luxury… she got luxury before and, she’s not loving the mud being thrown at her. Let nobody suggest that she leaves the struggle and just chill. The same to Stella Nyanzi.

    But here’s the problem with Stella Nyanzi: she doesn’t view Janet Museveni as an ally yet she is. The issue of sanitary towels that Yoweri Museveni is said to have promised to school-going girls was ignored by those who prepared the budget that Janet found when she was appointed minister. And she said this openly… that neither the ministry nor Parliament had made an attempt to make pads for girls in schools an item to be funded in the budget. In saying this openly, Janet Museveni was effectively asking us to understand why the education ministry may not be in position to give free pads to girls this year. She didn’t say it was a bad idea.

    If Stella cared to understand, she would then go to fellow woman Janet and discuss an idea to make it possible for girls in schools to get pads – without a supplementary budget. I think if Stella did this, she would win… and everyone would win. Or if she tried and the minister didn’t listen to her, we would understand if she became angry at Janet.

    But I realize the system has crippled most of us. We won’t even realize that it’s possible the person in the position of responsibility is not doing the right thing because they don’t know better. We seem to not have time or the energy or motivation to think. We simply explode!

    1. I believe you know that Janet Museveni is not only an education minister but a First Lady, who away from politics has an upper hand in decisions made in this country, so I don’t see why we should even be happy that she is not an ally in this.

  13. my dear how i wish this writing could be read and understood by everyone who is out there criticizing Dr Nyanzi. moreover what amuses me is that the so called educated people are the ones leading in criticizing the BRAVE. long live Dr we are with you in soul and action

  14. The Ugandan First Lady is not the only one in the world to be attacked in media and by persons. The 45th First Lady of the USA was abused by Schumer who screamed, “Slovenian trash!” as seen here (
    Michelle Herren a pediatric anesthesiologist called 44th First Lady Michelle Obama “monkey face” ( who later resigned on her own because it was racism.

    Just as Uwitware states in her article, there has never been any Ugandan who has taken on the First Lady in the open. So the precedence has been set. I am sure more is coming. I am even sure many people out there are talking through their clinched fists not to be heard but are bitter in many ways.

    Let people express their views in whatever way and let the population reject or applaud them. The more people are clumped down, the more anger will boil.

  15. Dear Gertrude,
    i must congratulate you for this well thought write up, it takes courage and inspiration of some sort. Also reading from the way you put your view points down here am sure the trend of things reached its climax for you a long time ago. Its not unique to you but i think taking in to account what has just happen to you, the question is how many are willing to put their safety in the line of advocating for public good. Basically am writing to appreciate you for the piece and let you know that it could be a turning point for you in a number of ways. Beyond the NTV reports you compile, now i can see many things in you beyond the reports. I fell in Love with you from outside but this has freshen my love for you even more from inside. Great stuff. May God bless you and offer you protection.

  16. Wow. That’s plain truth. You’re actually one of the remaining few but courageous writers in Uganda today who are standing with the truth. “There is power in the hand, pen and paper plus a brave mind”. We need more writers of your kind Mrs. Uwitware. Just keep up that spirit, You’re a woman with a difference. Great work.

  17. Nyanzi is one fearless woman but again i believe they are better ways of expressing yourself and come out strongly without excessive use of vulgar language…it paints a really bad picture to our younger sisters.

  18. lovely read.
    May be we need more of Stella Nyanzi Characters to join the war, to rid this country of these moles eating it at a slow but steady pace.

    If only the media used its tool to hold accountable rather than please the First family, may be things would be better.

  19. There are two major problems I see in this country. The first is corruption and the second is mismanagement.
    With corruption, it’s now a household word for every Ugandan. With mismanagement, I’ll tell you that we had flash toilets in Nyakasura school in 1966. But go there and see. Pit latrines that are already full. Was Uganda richer then than it is now? Then go to Kagadi hospital where I worked during Amin’s time. Patients were given free food with meat and milk but now you can only smell sewage.

  20. While i totally agree with some of the issues you’ve raised here, every age has its unique challenges, and those who understand the times tend to lead the way. Whether it’s just an individual or a large mobile phone company, the challenge is the same—know the culture and discover the best way to reach that culture.

    I will keep this short and to the point…

    Stella Nyanzi clearly does not understand the times and will not lead this. She has bigger personal issues than the freedoms she claims she is fighting for.

    Change starts from within.

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