Free Bobi Wine, he is only a harmless voice for the voiceless.

bobiYesterday I received a video from Eddie Yawe, Bobi Wine’s big brother. Watching and listening to an emotionally drained Yawe narrating the dire state in which Bobi is, sent chills down my spine, broke me down physically and excruciatingly weakened me emotionally. For minutes, I blankly stared at my phone with tears rolling down my cheeks, breathing so heavily; unsure of what response I should give Baaba Yawe like we fondly refer to him. Then, slowly, my fingers trembling like a hunted prey started typing a message, deleting after every single attempt….and as my heart raced so fast at the shot of lettering a message of sympathy to Yawe and the entire Ssentamu Family, it dawned on me that so much anger was running through my blood.

I am enraged. For several months now, I have been under shell trying to heal emotionally after the cruelty I suffered at the hands of our ‘shithole’ government. (Forgive my use of the Trump term). I have painfully refrained from making comments about the ongoing political situation in Uganda but my spirit has risen up in resistance yet again, convicting me to break the silence. I have never stopped believing that it will take everyone’s effort however small to evoke the change we all long for.

Like many other Ugandans, I am burning inside with untold fury, I am mad at the NRM regime and all the sins it has committed against Ugandans. I have had a taste of this regime’s brutality and can only imagine the torture that Members of Parliament Bobi Wine, Zaake, Wadri, Karuhanga and a section of fellow Journalists have gone through following the recent chaos in Arua during the bi-election.  In Arua , a blossoming life was also prematurely ended. Someone tell me for example why an innocent person like Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver had to lose his life?

I have likened this Government to Vampires preying on their own children, and I am not about to retract my words. In a state where leaders are so blood thirsty like ours, nobody is safe. This state of affairs should make all of us uncomfortable. None of us should be smiling if one of us isn’t.

I am particularly saddened by my brother Bobi Wine’s Condition. If media reports and words from Bobi’s Family are anything to go by, Ugandans should be even angrier at these blood-thirsty zombies. The only reason this government is fighting Bobi and want to kill him (at least going by the attempts already made) is because his views are divergent from theirs and nothing else. This is not a new phenomenon of the NRM though; we have witnessed in the past how inhumanely Dr. Kizza Besigye and other opposition politicians have been treated because of their differing views.

Why is the Government in so much panic to eliminate Bobi Wine, if they only intended to arrest and question him alongside the other Mps, why would torture be part of the game? Torture one to a point of near death? (I am wondering as if any of these acts are new). No amount of reason will ever justify the inhumane treatment that people opposed to the NRM Government suffer.

Bobi Wine like many opposition politicians has risen up for a great cause to change the state of affairs in the country. His approach of fronting People Power as opposed to politics of political Parties is probably what Uganda has been waiting for. The day we all realise that we individually have a role to play in this struggle in my view, is the day that we are going to Liberate Uganda.

For over 30 years we have lived under the spell of the NRM Government, so weak to even move a finger in the struggle of our own liberation, our rights have been trampled upon like that grass in a battle field, our people killed for having contrary views, and our voices stifled for saying what the tyrants do not want to hear. But have our spirits been crushed? shall we remain silent?

As we speak, Bobi Wine’s family say the Doctors have confirmed damage to his kidneys. The man is fighting for his life. This is a man sacrificing his life for the sake of his country.  MP Zaake is also between life and death in hospital.

These stories are worth telling to our children – the next generation. They are more like the stories that our parents told us of the eras of Obote and Amin, the only difference is that we are in different times. How shall we tell these stories to our children though without guilt that we never did whatever small thing we could have done to be a part of the struggle? What shall our answers be when our children ask us how the stories ended?

And so, will the situation of Bobi, Zaake and the rest be the end of the struggle to better Uganda? We cannot just sit down and say we are praying for Bobi Wine to get better, and then what? And then fight for us again, and then be assaulted again and on and on while we cheer up from outside the ring. This is unfair to Bobi and all at the frontline; I feel like we have already failed Dr. Besigye a zillion times, we cannot fail Bobi Wine. We have got to do something.

While praying for him is an act a faith, remember the Bible says that faith without action is dead. Having Bobi in our prayers is a good thing but is not reward enough for the selflessness he has exuded in the struggle for the common Ugandan. As I write this, I am slapping myself for being unable to contribute as much as Besigye and Bobi have done.

We have been fooled way too long. I salute our persistent leaders like Besigye who have remained strong despite the brutality. Kudos to Ugandans who have put  your voices out on social media, becoming a pain in the butts of the President and his, prompting them to even introduce an uncalled for social Media tax to quiet us, with little success. (Dr. Stella Nyanzi, TVO, ka Jambo)

I am not calling for war but the action could start with a simple raise of a voice, the more we are, the stronger and louder our voice shall be against this rogue regime. They have the guns, but what do we have? We have the VOICES to speak up against this impunity and be heard by the international community.

Sometimes it feels like our voices add nothing to the struggle but, our SILENCE is even louder. Let us put them on tenterhooks, or else we become accomplices in defiling our own country.

I have no gun; my gun is my pen, what’s yours?


For God and my Country.





3 thoughts on “Free Bobi Wine, he is only a harmless voice for the voiceless.

  1. Great to read your take. I first heard of you about a year ago. That was also the last. I am glad to hear you ‘speak’. Keep hope alive.

    1. Alive by the Grace of God. Keeping my head up, trying to perform my duty as a patriotic Ugandan. Its a tough journey but we must keep going.

  2. Eeeeeehhhhhhh…. my oh my Ras Trudy! Well be back, sweetness. My weapon is my tiny keyboard, for keeping quiet now means we shall be joining them in.

    Keep up the great fight.

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