The Little Ethiopian Angel



Bright and beautiful,

Wrapped in a long cream dress,

Strapped with gold finishings

Complimenting her little curves

Oh! the Little Ethiopian Angel

Corn rows run through her head

Like little meandering routes through a tropical forest

Her little eyes focusing on her little fingers

Her Little fingers banging her little African Drum

Oh! the little Ethiopian Angel

Every thing about her is little and beautiful

Her little glory shaped eyes,

Her little humble nose

Her little kiss spilling lips

Oh! You little Ethiopian Angel

Looking at her drives my soul crazy

Awakens the African Spirit in me

I want to hug her the African way

I want to add her to the list of my favourites

Oh! the little African Angel

I Love you Mother Africa

I love your fruits

Nothing beats you mama Africa

Long live Mama, Long live Africa.


Kissing his Shadow

Have you ever kissed a shadow

The shadow of the one you love

The one you love but have never met

Never heard, never held, never felt.


Head is buried in palms

Mind in deep contemplation

Imagination swaying in the air

I can see him, I can hold him, I can feel him.


Caressing his shadow

Feeling the great works of an artist

Fingers appreciating a craftsman’s work

Feeling each bit of his curves.


A Feeling I cannot explain

Happens in a world deeper than I know

Only with eyes closed

Not a dream though


I tremble yet I smile

I sing yet I drop a tear

What could this be?

Someone tell me…

Have you ever?







Its been Nine Months



When I say nine months, first thing in many of your minds is Pregnancy. Yes and no!

Last May I conceived, I was however not sure if it was a boy or a girl but I was sure it would be Joy at the end of the nine-months long journey.

In fact, my belly has for this time through beamed with joy, notwithstanding a few aches here and there.

Now, with only two days to deliver my long awaited baby I am joyful still, but sad too.

One, I am happy because I have successfully come to the end of my gestation period but also sad because I will miss the goodies that happened to me while the pregnancy lasted.

It was just yesterday, I can still smell the mood when I traveled to Nairobi to meet a delegation of fellow young journalists from around East Africa, to put together brains for career enhancement.

I can still remember how I met beautiful and handsome young wits whose names am compelled to mention because of they have been a significant lot in my journey hence this far.

In no order of preference, Wahida, Beryl, Mercy, Silvia, Goodluck, Robert, Laillah, Sharon, Athuman, Emmanuel, Mbashiru, Ingrid, Wisdom, Warothe, Peter, Daria, Kennedy and of course Olive.

Our people have been the best brothers and sisters I ever met besides my biological ones. I cannot but be grateful to my other Kenyan family members Maurice, Charity, Alex, Joy, Joseph, Prosper, Issa, Tom, Ray, and Sam who have been there for me.

But of course how can I forget my other buddies Kevins, Griffinz, Quest and Watson, you made me feel at home guys.

It’s surprising how time flies it has been fair yet unfair to me. It feels like I am waking up from a dream that has gone on for this entire while.

It is been a long yet short time, a time to bond with people who have been totally supportive and been there for me in all situations, while I smiled and while I frowned.

A great nine months of learning to deal with egos and temperaments from all walks of life,  but above all a time to climb to greater heights.

If there is something to regret in life, it can never be the walk I took nine months ago. I agree it has had its tough times but I have been able to overcome them with patience and persistence.

Besides, the tough times that there was, were always overcome by the Joy that the people around me gave.

At the end of the day now that there has been no abortion, I can attest to the sweetness of the fruits of this period- they are incredibly honeyed.

My pregnancy is now ripe, like a woman in labour I cry with pains of missing people who have become part of my life for this long, but grinning with excitement knowing that this is just the beginning of another level in life.

The programme has been one of the greatest achievements I will forever boast about, a chance to challenge and be challenged, to learn stuff beyond my understanding and to widen the scope of my knowledge.

It has been hard work but fun too.

All ye good people, there is only one thing, Go, Go and Go, fear no evil and road blocks, you have got all that it takes to shake the world and make it a better place.

God be with you till we meet again.

With Love Uwitware.


Liebster Award

Katie K. a graduate from Albion College, and a blogger,  just nominated me for the “Liebster Award”. For me its a great opportunity to be one of her favourite young bloggers. The rules for nomination are as follows:

-“When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.”
-“Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.”
-“You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!”
-“Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers” (Yay for the little guys!)

11 random facts about myself

1)  I am female

2) I am Catholic

3) I am jolly

4) I am friendly

5) I am so compassionate

6) I am 2nd last born in my family

7) I love laughing

8) I love children but i fear having my own

9) I do not have a pet

10)  I do not look like either of my parents

11) I am so tolerant


Here are my questions for my nominees:

1) What is that one thing you love about yourself?

2) What is that one vice you really hate about you?

3) What change would you, if given chance bring into your neigbourhood?

4) Is there anything you have never said but would wish the world to know? What is it?

5) When did you last read a book? which book was it?

6) what do you consider your best achievement from the previous year?

7) What is the longest time you can ever spend without your mobile phone?

8)who is your role model?

9) If you wanted to change something about yourself, what would it be?

10) do you have enemies?

11) If God asked you to make a wish now, what would it be?


Here are the answers to Katie K’s questions:

1)Where in the world would you live for 3 years if you could (job and logistics aside)?

That would be in the vatican, to spend most of my time around the great Catholic city and probablyget a chance to hang out with his Holiness the Pope.


2)What is the most overlooked flaw in American culture?

Well, am not too conversant with American culture since am not one and haven’t even been there before.


3)Has a specific relationship (platonic, romantic, teacher-student or otherwise) changed the way you look at other people? How?

Yes, a relationship I was in at a certain time made me forever hate to date a journalist.


4)Is there anything that you want to change in your current situation? What’s stopping you?

Yes i would like to change my way of living but finances are stopping me for now.


5)Are you a cat or dog person?

I like none of the two animals


6) Is there a person or quote that you live by/revisit frequently?

Yes, that is a bible verse that says “Though i walk through the valley of death, i shall fear no evil for thou art with me.”


7)Name a good movie that you watched lately.

The Dictator


8)If you are in a bad mood, what’s a foolproof way to get out of it?

I go silent


9)What thing that makes your life more comfortable could you not live without?

I cannot live without prayer, it makes my life so comfortable.


10)If you have the choice, do you prefer to stay in for the evening (usually decked out in pajamas) or to socialize out in the world?

I would prefer going out there to socialise with people.


11)Is there one thing that you use daily that you think will become obsolete in the next 10 years?

probably my phone.


Your Love is my new song



I feel like composing a song for you

I feel like crafting a poem for you

I feel like creating a page for you

Just to tell the whole world that I love you


My fantasies will no longer dwell on the unknown

Because my heart has now found its lost treasure

A pearl it has searched for since it was created

I feel like telling the whole world that I love you


Your love woke me up from a dream

A dream that had gone on for eternity

Your love snatched me from my illusions

I feel like telling the whole world that I love you


It is no longer a fantasy to love you

It is not even a feeling anymore

It has now become an open secret

Am telling the whole world that I love you


You have set my heart to dance

Dancing for the love of my life

You have made my lips a chatter box

Just to let the whole world know I love you


I will now rise every morning

With love in my heart

With total satisfaction in my soul

Because I know someone cares

And hence am telling the world am in Love


I love you, I love you, I love you

This is my new song

This is my new Poem

And it is the name to my new page



That Woman, My Saint

Mother’s love

I miss those days

When a woman cuddled me close to her heart

When that same woman tied me on her back

When she covered me in the embrace of her chest

When she sang me the sweetest lullaby ever

When she stayed awake for me to sleep peacefully

I miss those days

When I  abruptly woke up and she was there to pamper me back to sleep.

When I dropped a tear and behold her hand immediately wiped it away

When I craved something and it was there right before me

When I called out and a voice readily came to my help

When a tap on the back was the in thing for me

I miss those days

When the heavens opened thus the rains

When they poured and I danced in them

When hailstones fell and I ate them as ice

When that woman spanked me for doing this

Yet when thunder roared and I went hiding within her skirts

I miss those days

When my only name was beautiful

When only my family had the prettiest daughters

 When the woman’s only pride lay in the beauty of her children

When living home was like walking in a park of roses

I miss those days when that woman was my Mother.