The Little Ethiopian Angel



Bright and beautiful,

Wrapped in a long cream dress,

Strapped with gold finishings

Complimenting her little curves

Oh! the Little Ethiopian Angel

Corn rows run through her head

Like little meandering routes through a tropical forest

Her little eyes focusing on her little fingers

Her Little fingers banging her little African Drum

Oh! the little Ethiopian Angel

Every thing about her is little and beautiful

Her little glory shaped eyes,

Her little humble nose

Her little kiss spilling lips

Oh! You little Ethiopian Angel

Looking at her drives my soul crazy

Awakens the African Spirit in me

I want to hug her the African way

I want to add her to the list of my favourites

Oh! the little African Angel

I Love you Mother Africa

I love your fruits

Nothing beats you mama Africa

Long live Mama, Long live Africa.


Kissing his Shadow

Have you ever kissed a shadow

The shadow of the one you love

The one you love but have never met

Never heard, never held, never felt.


Head is buried in palms

Mind in deep contemplation

Imagination swaying in the air

I can see him, I can hold him, I can feel him.


Caressing his shadow

Feeling the great works of an artist

Fingers appreciating a craftsman’s work

Feeling each bit of his curves.


A Feeling I cannot explain

Happens in a world deeper than I know

Only with eyes closed

Not a dream though


I tremble yet I smile

I sing yet I drop a tear

What could this be?

Someone tell me…

Have you ever?







Your Love is my new song



I feel like composing a song for you

I feel like crafting a poem for you

I feel like creating a page for you

Just to tell the whole world that I love you


My fantasies will no longer dwell on the unknown

Because my heart has now found its lost treasure

A pearl it has searched for since it was created

I feel like telling the whole world that I love you


Your love woke me up from a dream

A dream that had gone on for eternity

Your love snatched me from my illusions

I feel like telling the whole world that I love you


It is no longer a fantasy to love you

It is not even a feeling anymore

It has now become an open secret

Am telling the whole world that I love you


You have set my heart to dance

Dancing for the love of my life

You have made my lips a chatter box

Just to let the whole world know I love you


I will now rise every morning

With love in my heart

With total satisfaction in my soul

Because I know someone cares

And hence am telling the world am in Love


I love you, I love you, I love you

This is my new song

This is my new Poem

And it is the name to my new page



Just Beneath Mulago hill…

Kampala stands on seven hills.

One of them is where Uganda’s referral hospital (Mulago Hospital) stands.

we all believe hills are synonymous with beauty, most times including the surrounding areas (at least as far as I can recall for the ones I have known.)

Yes, but there is something rather unusual about this one.  Between Mulago and another slum Kamwokya lies a very small slum, It is not common, you may be hearing it for the first time, even when you know Mulago, am sure only a few of us can locate it.

It has a very complicated name (Butakabukirwa).

I will tell you why I know it. When I was a child, I frequented the place, because I had an uncle who had a small business there. I was shocked just sometime I was passing by with a friend and decided to branch off, he could not believe what he saw.

He told me “Is there a such a place here in Kampala?”

I told him, “You never dare to find out.”

That said, I took a few pics, which I will let tell the story because I have already written a piece somewhere about it but felt I should share this photography with you.

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The Masai woman: a true reflection of African Beauty

Masai Woman

She is black and beautiful.

A black woman’s smile like a two-edged sword cuts the eyes of those who receive it.

Her teeth shine through the gloom of her complexion.

Even free of any makeups, her clear and dark skin still glitters.

Sometimes bold headed, other times with rough, thick and black hair.

The Masai woman wears a bead head crown with filaments flowing right into her face, these just crowns off her natural beauty.

Her neck never goes bare; a thousand colorful bead ornaments dangle from round her long and feminine neckline.

Her ears are exceptional; always adorned with big beautiful earrings made of beads, sometimes metal, or even feathers.

She is unique; she is the typical African Woman, who leaves no stone unturned.

Who of you does not want to look like her? I bet none.

In this era of the olden-days fashion craze, many ladies, African and non-African, yours truly inclusive are acceding to this look.

To some of you, this may look like a primitive culture of the Masai people, please wake up because there is probably one thing you are missing.

I call it the screen genuine beauty because it is setting up a trend onto which modern day women are trading.

You may agree with me, that almost everything that there is to appreciate about African beauty is curved by such looks.

No wonder, our White brethren too are admiring it.

Men are not left out on this; ladies you must know that real gents are now days looking for this natural look. They hate forged beauty the ‘wigs and heavy makeup’ days are long lost.

“I do not want to date a woman who looks too plastic, I prefer her in her the way she is,” says Ignatius Matabisi, a Ugandan single and searching Gent.

We are off those days of the bleaching craze, when almost every black woman tried hard to look white. Could it be that Africans are becoming more patriotic? May be yes.

Clever ladies now know the trend and how to please their admirers, and so they are in for it.

Try the Masai Markets and you will be shocked at the numbers of women purchasing African accessories there.

One thing about this African jewelry, there are a variety of accessories made of different materials like beads, ivory, and metal among others.

Pieces produced include arm bungles, necklaces, rings, and head crowns, to mention but a few. This gives you liberty of choice so you can never go wrong.

They come in all forms and colours, making you even brighter when you wear them thus revealing your natural beauty.

Put on that bright head crown, blend it with those colourful beads around your neck, plus matching bungle and earrings would also do.

You can wear them for any kind of occasion, ranging from a simple home party to weddings and other occasions cultural and otherwise, just if you choose to go African.

You can also blend them with equally matching African fabrics such as ‘kitenge’.

How and where you choose to put them on entirely depends on you, also bearing in mind that Fashion is subjective.

When all is done, get back to me if no guy hits on you.

If you are pretty and you know ….clap your hands

If a guy ever starts to engage you in a relationship and never mentions that “you are beautiful”, you have all the reasons to doubt his love.

Although some of the expressions that men make are highly intended to impress you, I would rather he said it as mere sweet-talk than not saying it at all.

Since time of memorial, we have known men for determining which woman is beautiful and which one is not, to an extent that some women never feel confident before their men say it.

What is wrong with you Ladies? Why do you wait for a man to actually build your confidence yet the power is in you to do it?

We are living in a world where we are defining our own beauty. You do not need your man to first say that you are pretty so as to be confident. The esteem should be built by none other than you.

A man once told me I am proud because I keep saying I am beautiful. He said I blow my own trumpet but I find it fine because I feel no one should appreciate me before I do.

I work on the way I look and that is why I boost. No one, no one I repeat, no one is ever going to pull it down.

A man can never disrespect you if he knows that you are aware of who you are. In fact, if he knows you are not sure of whom you are, he will do everything, cheat on you, and mistreat you because he thinks you are on his mercy.

Stand up for your beauty, even if you know you have a fat nose that makes you feel uncomfortable, be proud of it because it is unique to you alone-that’s the only way you can get your esteem raised.

Beauty contests are the order of the day, Miss World, Miss Uganda, shows like Extreme Makeover, as well as Magazines featuring the most beautiful people in the world, all trying to answer the question “Who is beautiful?”

I love the women who confidently get involved in these contests; they are women who really feel they have it all, the looks, the brains and the heart.

A true woman is one who is aware and confident of whom she is, she will never suffer inferiority complex.

Thumbs up to the ladies who believe in themselves.