Beat the Monday blues: Make yours brighter

On a Monday, when leaving your warm bed becomes a punishment….

By Gertrude Tumusiime Uwitware

As you are getting used to the weekend, Whoosh! It is already gone and Monday is here again.

One of those days when many workers ‘wake up to sleep’, entering into their work places only to bow their heads on the desks and possibly go into slumber. It is that day you always look forward to Friday.

Monday is slow. It is a nightmare for many but worry not; it is natural to feel like it is a punishment to get out of your bed, drowsy, lazy, bored and generally disgusted throughout the day.

Especially that It was weekend just yesterday, you had a break from that week that drove your nuts, had a lot of fun with friends, enjoyed a good time with your family, you could have drunk yourself mad and now have hangover from weekend.

If you are one of those people who always get Monday blues, you may probably want to be your own employer. Relax; there are ways you can ensure a bright Monday at work.

Because this is the first day at work, it sets pace for the rest of the week, so you must be sure not to spoil your week by working your way to a good beginning.

First, make it a point to have enough rest on Sunday such that you are fresh by Monday. Naturally, resting will take off fatigue from the previous weeks’ workload and will raise your energies for the new week. You will be more productive when your body fresh.

Waking up early will also help you get ready for the day, force yourself out of that bed if you don’t feel like, because the more you stay in there, the lazier you get and so will the day and the week move, if the Monday is draggy, be sure you may have the rest of the week that way unless otherwise.

Say a prayer to bless the week; it saves to start your Monday with a word of prayer, is like an invisible friend you can rely on every time you feel low. You are not sure of the people you will meet, not even sure of what will happen during the day, no idea of the people you will meet and how they will react towards you, all you need is to commit the day in the hands of God, to help you manage your stress.

“Prayer raises your spirit to keep positive throughout the day,” says Emmanuel Mujuni, a pastor.

Kasoma Meddie, a creative director at Riviera Media says having a plan before you start the day, is a great idea to brighten it up. He says, have your goals set every Monday morning, this will give you energy to start and also help you have an organized week set.

“If just bump into the day without a plan, you feel powerless and discouraged and the day is doomed,” he says.

You can also listen to inspirational music before getting to work, this will help you relax and getting into the mood for work. If you ride yourself to work, make it a point to listen to nice music of your taste. If you do this, be sure by the time you get to work, you will not be the same like you left home.

For Karen Kakisa, Mondays are never bright, they are nightmare. She however says she makes them bright by wearing some of her best outfits and colours, and the most confortable at that.  She says that makes her relaxed and glowing so her day is also colorful.

“It depends on your perception; I choose to believe that my dress code brightens my day so I invest it, and I have never been disappointed,” says Karen.

Like the saying goes that life is what you make it, you have the power to brighten or ruin your Monday. Make sure however it is bright because that explains how the rest of your week will be and your productivity per say.