The Holy Spirit has done it for me

Welcome Holy Spirit. If you have been to a place where you are faced with language barrier, you probably know what am talking about. I have been complaining since i started praying from St.Paul’s Catholic University chapel, Nairobi. How come the choir only sings Swahili songs all through Mass, even when mass is led in English? it has been perplexing my thoughts since I got … Continue reading The Holy Spirit has done it for me

Is your partner still keeping his/her past?

When Phionah finds out from their family friend Njeri that the Beautiful Lampstand in their house was given to her husband by his ex-girlfriend, she sulks. Restless, furious, and with red-hot emotions, she cannot wait for Stanley to come back home and explain the genesis of the Lampstand and the motive behind keeping it in their new marital home. “Where did you get that lampstand? … Continue reading Is your partner still keeping his/her past?


Just laugh about life. I believe in the power of a smile! This is what happens in my daily escapades, I love to smile about life, whether whether feeling good or bad, i don’t care, i just want to smile about life. This is the reason I wanna share what has made me smile today. Smile with me! A smile is a curve that sets … Continue reading SMILE